Full face of make up in Labour !!

My dream was to have a full face of make up in Labour and my God did I try my very hardest ! I went into Labour at 3.30 in the morning so you can already imagine the large bags under my eyes . By 8.30 my contractions were every 2-3 minutes so I had to dash for the hospital but to my luck I end up in traffic on the morning of a train strike so I attempt to make my dream a reality & in between my extremely uncomfortable contractions at this stage ,I am sitting in the back of my car applying layers upon layers of make up !! I arrive at the hospital & I am complimented by most midwives at how together I look with my hair in tact & my face made up & they laugh at the fact that I am delivering in a floral dress ! (I do not do nightdresses). So off I go petadine in tow nice & relaxed I make it to the Labour ward awaiting the wonderful epidural ! That was my mistake !!!! Once I received the epidural I should of topped up my made up face in order for it to withstand the birth but to be honest when your sitting there knowing your life is about to change for the better any minute the excitement takes over and you don’t care about anything else but what is happening in the moment and once I was told
gave birth to a beautiful baby boy I cried my heart out and once I heard his cry that was make up wiped away and my dream was no longer important ! Nothing was important once my baby boy was healthy and in my arms. I didn’t care how I looked or care for the fact that I didn’t “achieve my dream” because instead I received my little miracle Harley Rain born 23/10/2015 💙💙



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