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*High end cosmetics with an affordable price tag*

So this week I took a trip into the fabulous launch event for the new Paese cosmetics in Dublin City Centre .It was my first event as a blogger so you can imagine my nerves. But there I was half 8 in the morning prosecco in hand 😂Originated in Poland, Most of you probably haven’t heard of them yet but trust me … they are going to take the market by storm especially because of the quality and choice of cosmetics they offer. 

Most products contain natural ingredients also allergen and paraben free which is great news for MUA’s because it means we don’t have to worry about our clients having a massive allergic reaction midst makeover!! 

A couple of products caught my eye which I will discuss in a follow up post ! But their range is huge ! Including a large range of highly pigmented shadows ,

A large range of lip products including lip balms , lip gloss , silky matte and liquid lipsticks ,

And lastly Lipsticks containing argon oil to hydrate the lips which comes in any shade possible.

The one huge bonus of this brand is the massive range the stock for “problem” skin aswell as the vast amount of shades available in foundations , again a large range for all different skin types with the prices ranging from just €16 to €23 ! 

This is only Paese products squashed into one blog post but your really must pop into their new Dublin store based in the Ilac centre ! You can also find a large range of skincare(Hyaluronic acid serum!!!!!!!!) best €20 you will ever spend especially for puffy or tired looking eyes, a small selection of fragrance but I do have to warn you it reminds me of penny’s you go for a bra and leave with 5 bags lol. 

Thank you to the lovely staff including the very informative counter manager who couldn’t help me enough and give me some fantastic information on the products.

I wish Paese Cosmetics the very best of luck although I know you are the next big thing!!

Shauna ❤️


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